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Meet the Adventure Travel Guides of H2O Patagonia
Futaleufu Whitewater Rafting Guides

Meet the South American Adventure Travel Guides of H2O Patagonia:

Your safety is our first priority. At H2O Patagonia we believe nothing is as important as your safety, and that's why we employ only the best international adventure guides to lead you on your adventure travel trips in Patagonia. They are highly trained individuals with thousands of river miles and a minimum of ten years experience. They have worked in remote places all over the world and are certified in wilderness medicine and swift water rescue.

Take a moment to get to know the H2O Patagonia adventure travel guide team. Not only will they be your guides, we bet they'll become your friends as well.

Mitch Sasser - Fly Fishing Guide Mitch Sasser:
Originally from Austin, Texas, Mitch fell in love with guiding in New Mexico. After many years of rock climbing, mountaineering, and river running all over the southwest, he decided to go professional and start his own business. As part-owner of Known World Guide Service in New Mexico, he transformed the company into one of the top outfitters in the southwest. He is now an international Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and H2O expedition leader. He lives in the town of Futaleufu with his wife Tatiana and their growing family.
Beth Rypins - Whitewater Rafting Guide Beth Rypins:
Beth Rypins is an acclaimed Class V whitewater kayaker, raft guide, and international expedition leader. Back when only men were kayaking rivers Beth was racking up first descents on waterways across the globe. In her travels she has kayaked and rafted in 23 countries on six continents, paving the way for women’s participation in whitewater sports. As captain of the U.S. Women’s Whitewater Team, she earned five national and two world championship titles. When not whitewater rafting in Patagonia, Beth applies her vast adventure experience to motivational speaking and television production. She resides in Northern California with her husband Marco where she's taking on her latest first descent: motherhood.
Harvey King - Whitewater Rafting Guide Harvey King:
It’s no wonder Harvey King was born with eyes as blue as the Rio Futaleufu – his life has revolved around water since he first surfed off the coast of California as a kid. His whitewater rafting career began over a decade ago on the Gallatin River in Big Sky, Montana and has since taken him throughout the US and to Costa Rica, Equador, Chile and China. He is a solid Class V guide, with experience on some of the world’s most challenging whitewater stretches, including the Great Bend of the Yangtze in China, Gore Canyon on the Colorado and the Rio Futaleufu in Chile. Harvey brings a great deal of rescue knowledge to our crew and is also an expert fly fisherman, camp cook, rock climber and storyteller. He and his family, which includes his son Canyon, live in Taos, New Mexico.
Josh Waterson - Whitewater Rafting Guide Josh Waterson:
The quintessential river gypsy. He was bitten by the travel bug early in life when he went on long family trips around his native Australia. Rivers are playgrounds of peace for Josh as his thoughts are clearest when he’s on the water. He has parlayed his love of travel into work on rivers in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Morocco, Turkey, Zimbabwe and South America, not to mention all the miles logged on home rivers in Oz and Tasmania. He is an accomplished class V kayaker and raft guide, he makes entertaining, fast paced videos, and he’s even handy in the kitchen!
Aren Rane - Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Aren Rane:
Aren Sven Rane is a dual nationality Canadian-American who has worked in the kayak industry in North, Central, South America and Africa. He has loving support from his wife and daughter, Sarah and Hannah to pursue kayaking throughout the world, (it helps that his wife also paddles). Aren has been kayaking for 26 years, has first decents in Canada, and most of all loves teaching. His drive to save the Futaleufu River from a dam has triggered a free kayak program, teaching local kids paddling and other inlets to the tourism industry that blossoms around them. Aren enjoys kayaking on any level, and loves making his guests feel like "heroes of their own lives."
Stan Ricketts - Whitewater Rafting Guide

Stan Ricketts:
Stan grew up on various farms in South Africa and Swaziland where he began his adventure career early, building rafts with friends during winter floods and raging down the boundary waters of the farm. In his final years of school, he and friends explored beyond the comfort of local farms and navigated the next 100 kilometers down to the coast in small canoes, relying only on a rifle and fishing rods for sustenance. After two years in the South African Defense Force working with horses, he discovered river guiding. The joy of taking groups out on river journeys and sharing his passion with others lured him towards a life of constant adventure. Since then he’s moved from river to river, motivated by the challenge and fun of multi-day trips in remote and exotic destinations such as Nepal , Switzerland and Africa .

Adriana Radwanski - Spa Coordinator

Adriana Radwanski – Spa Coordinator
Adriana was born in South Africa and has traveled all her life, living in various countries including the Netherlands , Panama , Uruguay , and the United States . Prior to going to Massage Therapy School at the Heartwood Institute in 1999, Dri also spent some time in Brazil working with Greenpeace. She eventually settled in Rio de Janeiro and has worked with bodywork there for the last four years, specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue Therapy. Although Rio de Janeiro has calmed the travel bug in Dri, she’s still always looking for a new adventure. She’s very excited about joining the H2O Patagonia team in Chile and looks forward to creating a “wonderful combination of comfort and well-being” for our guests.



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